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Brwor is a professional manufacturer of electrical complete sets in China. We mainly develop and manufacture 12kv-40.5kv solid ring network cabinets, air-insulated miniaturized ring network cabinets, high-voltage inflatable cabinets, outdoor switchgear, vacuum circuit breakers load switches, etc.

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BWV-12-630-25 vacuum circuit breaker

BWV-12/630-25 vacuum circuit breaker is a vacuum circuit breaker specially used for SF6/12kV C-GIS. The product adopts the structure of insulating clamp plate, which has the advantages of convenient installation.

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F cabinet circuit breaker operating mechanism

 China F cabinetcircuit breaker operating mechanism with  spring operating mechanism special for 12kV, SF6 inflatable ring net cabinet integrated electrical unit. With the function of energy storage and holding, electric module can be added to the manual operation mechanism to assemble the hand and electric integrated operation mechanism.

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C cabinet circuit breaker operating mechanism

The interlocking China C Cabinet Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanism adopts rigid interlocking device, with the interlocking device between the switch cable room door plate, a lock to solve the isolation, grounding conversion, prevent misoperation, high reliability.

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V cabinet circuit breaker operating mechanism

Spring operating mechanism special for 12kV SF6 C-GIS circuit breaker unit
Operation and control by hand, electric energy storage, close and split electromagnetic wire coil, with manual knob type close and open brake
Rigid interlocking device, high reliability

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XGN gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear

XGN series -40.5gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (C-GIS) is independently developed by our company, through the use of dry compressed air (D-AIR) or SF6 as the insulation medium of gas insulation metal closing equipment. The technical level of the product is leading in China.

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Nxring series SF6 compact gas-insulated switchgear

Nxring series SF6 compact gas-insulated switchgear is SF6 gas insulated metal common box closed opening equipment. The equipment can be composed of load switch unit, load switch fuse combined electrical unit, vacuum circuit breaker unit – bus feed unit and other modules.

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Relevant Knowledge Of Reliable CGIS3808 Current Transformer

Reliable cgis3808 current transformer is a transformer that converts large current to small current for safe and efficient measurement or control purposes. CGIS3808 is a current transformer produced by CGIS, which is often used in power systems.

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Introduction Of High Performance CGIS1255 Current Transformer For Substation Equipment

The high performance CGIS1255 current transformer is a device for measuring current. They are used in a variety of applications including power distribution, protection and monitoring. The CGIS1255 is a current transformer designed for high voltage applications.

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How Is high Performance CGIS 5008 Current Transformer Classified? How Is It Configured?

The high performance CGIS 5008 current transformer is a cutting-edge technology for power transmission and distribution applications. It plays a vital role in measuring circuit current and converting it to safe levels for monitoring and control purposes.

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Do you know what is an environmentally friendly gas insulated ring network cabinet?

An SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU) is a type of electrical switchgear that uses sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulator. The SF6 gas is contained within a sealed chamber, and the electrical components of the RMU, such as the switchgear and circuit breaker, are also enclosed within this chamber. The use of SF6 gas as an insulator allows for a compact and lightweight design, which makes it ideal for use in restricted spaces and for underground applications.

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