About the understanding of sogears solid ring network switchgear

Characteristics of solid insulated ring net cabinets

1.Environmental protection

Sogere Solid Sealing Ring Network Switchgear completely eliminates SF6 gas and corresponding air box components from the principle structure. The switch components are cured with insulated sleeves, and each circuit is connected by a closed bus to achieve complete insulation as a whole, providing technical means to reduce sulfur hexafluoride emissions. The solid insulated ring net cabinet completely solved the accident caused by the explosion caused by the pressure rise when the internal switch of the air box was short-circuited, completely avoided the harmful gas emissions caused by SF6 gas decomposition and leakage, and truly became an environmentally friendly switching product needed by society.



The solid insulated ring network cabinet organically combines the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, dominant circuit, insulation support, etc. into a whole to achieve a fully insulated, fully sealed, modular and maintenance-free structure. The phase is completely isolated and explosion-proof. Using single-phase solid insulation for charged parts can effectively prevent the internal arc of the device. Preventing an internal arc is better than controlling it. The main circuit part uses a single-phase module design. On the one hand, the occurrence of interphase short circuit faults can be completely avoided during operation, and on the other hand, it greatly improves maintenance efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.



The solid insulated ring network cabinet realizes unit assembly, unit replacement and scheme replacement on the basis of meeting the IP67 protection level requirements, which greatly reduces operating costs. It has obvious technical advantages in intelligent upgrading, internal monitoring, and resistance to harsh environments (severe cold, plateau, humid coastal, strong wind and sand, underground, etc.).



Solid insulated ring network cabinet manufacturers adopt the integrated design idea of high-voltage components and low-voltage components. Their functions cover all the functions of primary equipment and secondary equipment in power systems in the traditional sense. Currently, the sogears solid locating ring network switchgear can be operated manually and electrically. It is equipped with a comprehensive automated control unit, which can quickly disconnect faulty lines and reduce the range of power outages. The communication mode is flexible, supports various communication protocols, and can easily automate distribution networks.

Problems needing attention in the manufacturing process of solid insulated ring net cabinet

The number of companies engaged in the Sogere Solid Ring Network Switchgear business has increased dramatically in recent years, but many of these companies are slightly involved outside of their main business, and not many have actually invested a lot of manpower and capital to develop solid insulated ring network cabinets. Although the core principles of solid insulated ring net cabinets on the market are basically the same, the product structure is varied. There are also manufacturers whose key raw materials and core components are of poor quality, and the manufacturing process is rough, so many products are bound to have hidden quality hazards from the beginning. The production and manufacture of one part of the solid insulated ring net cabinet uses APG automatic gel technology to completely fix the conductive circuit in epoxy resin. The three-phase split structure design is used, and all phases are completely insulated, so a three-phase simultaneous short circuit is impossible. However, the process requirements of the solid insulated ring net cabinet are higher than the SF6 gas insulated ring net cabinet. If the process method is not perfect, the insulation hazard, probability of failure, and harm may be higher than that of the SF6 gas insulated ring net cabinet, and the quality of raw materials and process level need to be ensured.


Problems needing attention


Many of the quality problems of the primary components of the ring network cabinet in field use are caused by quality problems in the manufacture and installation of high-voltage cable heads. This problem not only occurs in the use of solid insulated ring net cabinets, but is also a major quality problem common in the field use of other ring network cabinets. The manufacture of high-voltage cable heads plays a critical role in the product quality of the ring network cabinet. Improper handling of the details of the high-voltage cable head will lay hidden dangers for future cable failure, which in turn will cause damage to the entire ring network cabinet. When making high-voltage cable heads, the outer sheath, semiconductor layer, and copper shielding layer should be strictly peeled off according to the size to ensure the balanced electric field inside the cable head; when cutting the semiconductor layer, the main insulation must not be damaged, the semiconductor fracture must be flat and not have a hole to prevent the electric field tip from discharging; after the cable is peeled off, the main insulation should be carefully polished to prevent the electric semiconductor particles from remaining on the main insulation, Strong local electric field; The grounding connection of the cable head must be reliable; the cable head must be sealed to prevent moisture, and the sealant must be uniform to prevent moisture from entering.


2.Typical scheme

At present, the Sogears Solid Insulation Ring Network Switchgear from various manufacturers on the market is very different in terms of typical solutions and product structure. There are many solutions, and the product structure is too different. They are not compatible with each other in terms of installation dimensions, operation methods, product maintenance, etc., causing users to select, install, and install solid insulated ring network cabinets. Confusion about use, maintenance, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to study, design, improve and standardize the typical scheme and structural design of solid insulated ring network cabinets, unify user operation and maintenance technical solutions, facilitate the in-depth understanding of solid insulated ring network cabinets by power system operators and maintenance personnel, improve their satisfaction with products, and enhance the market influence of products. Typical scheme design mainly includes: vacuum switchgear scheme with isolation (two stations, three stations, grounded, ungrounded, etc.), combined electrical cabinet scheme, metering cabinet scheme, power supply and female cabinet design. The structural design mainly includes:Design of isolated vacuum switchgear scheme (two stations, three stations, grounded, ungrounded, etc.), combined electrical cabinet scheme, metering cabinet scheme, power supply and mother cabinet scheme. The structural design mainly includes: anti-internal fault arc design, environmental adaptability design (mainly: sealing, anti-condensation, anti-rust, etc.), insulation performance and visual window technical design, unified solid insulation ring net cabinet size, etc.

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