Application of Environmental Protection Gas Cabinets

BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet refers to an annular power distribution network, that is, the main power supply line forms a closed ring. The power supply supplies power to this circular trunk line, and distributes power from the main line all the way through a high-voltage switch to the outside. The advantage of this is that each distribution branch can receive power either from its left trunk line or from its right trunk line. When the left trunk line fails, it continues to receive power from the right trunk line, and when the right trunk line fails, it continues to receive power from the left trunk line. In this way, although the total power supply is single-channel, it gets benefits similar to dual power supply from each distribution branch, thus improving the reliability of the power supply.


The BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet means that each power distribution branch has a switchgear (outlet switchgear). The bus line of this switchgear is also part of the circular trunk line. That is to say, the circular trunk line is formed by connecting the busbars of each outlet cabinet. Each outlet cabinet is called a “ring network cabinet”. In fact, if you take out a ring net cabinet alone, you can’t see the meaning of “ring network”.


The rated current of the BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet is not large, so the high-voltage switch of the ring net cabinet generally does not use a circuit breaker with a complex structure, but a high-voltage load switch with a simple structure with a high-voltage fuse. In other words, the high voltage switch in the ring network cabinet is generally a load switch. The ring network cabinet uses a load switch to operate the normal current, while a fuse is used to remove the short circuit current. The combination of these two replaces the circuit breaker. Of course, this can only be limited to a certain capacity.

Such switchgear can also be fully used in power distribution systems without a ring network structure, so with the wide application of this type of switchgear, “ring network cabinet” has broken out of the scope of ring grid power distribution and generally refers to high-voltage switchgear with a load switch as the main switch.


Basic composition

The BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet consists of four parts: a switch chamber, a fuse chamber, an actuator chamber, and a cable chamber (chassis).

The switch chamber consists of various functional circuits (including ground switches and load switches) sealed in a metal housing and busbars between the circuits. The housing is made of 3 mm cold-rolled steel plate (or not embroidered steel) welded. Each functional circuit includes a load switch and ground switch. The load switch is composed of a vertical moving contact system and a static contact located at the lower end. When the switch is closed, the moving contact moves down and the load switch is turned on. The grounding switch is composed of a moving tactile knife and a static tactile knife. During the spring movement, the grounding switch is quickly connected. There are 4 rectangular assembly process holes in the upper and rear parts of the switch chamber. The front of the ring net cabinet is equipped with an observation window, so you can see the “split” and “fit” positions of the grounding switch. The back of the ring net cabinet is equipped with an explosion-proof device.

The load switch adopts a pressurized gas internal blowing structure, which has strong arc extinguishing ability, and does not affect interphase and ground insulation. The moving and static contacts all have arc contacts, which greatly increases the number of breaks.

The fuse and the load switch chamber form a transformer protection circuit. The high-voltage current-limiting fuse is mounted in an epoxy-cast insulating shell. After the fuse is fused, the impact pin pops up and the load switch is split.

The actuator room is located in front of the ring network cabinet. In each functional circuit, the load switch is equipped with a manual (or electric) energy storage spring actuator, the grounding switch is equipped with a manual energy storage spring actuator, and the panel has a branch for load switch closing operation and manual split rotary button and ground switch, closing operation hole, load switch, closing position indicator and electric split, closing button, It is also equipped with an analog line and a switching state The display plate and locking position, and the operation of the load switch and ground switch have interlocking devices to prevent misoperation


Application of Environmental Protection Gas Cabinets


The BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet has not been around for a long time, but it has been widely used in recent years. This is mainly due to the newly developed buildings of industrial enterprises and public institutions. From the perspective of power supply and distribution, most distribution transformers with medium and small capacity generally do not exceed 1250KVA, long-term stable power supply, the high voltage switch is not operated frequently. For this type of user, although the performance of the ring network cabinet is not the most perfect, it is sufficient and capable. With large-scale urban construction, a large number of large high-rise buildings have risen to the ground. Substations are often located downstairs. According to fire protection requirements, substation and distribution equipment must be“oil-free”. According to the rational use of construction area, substation and distribution equipment should be “miniaturized”, so ring network cabinets or vacuum circuit breakers, dry-type transformers, and dry-type transformers enter the building. The ring network cabinet has a simple structure, reliable and safe operation, minimal maintenance, and low operating costs. Compared with switch cabinets equipped with circuit breakers, it has outstanding advantages. Ring network cabinets require load switches with higher performance and smaller size. A new type of load switch has emerged, which in turn has led to technological progress in the BW-AIR-12 Environmental Protection Gas Cabinet. Today’s ring net cabinets not only have excellent performance but are also serialized, which further expands the scope of use of ring network cabinets.

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