Development status of BWV-12-630-25 air-break technology

With the progress and development of modern society, BWV-12-630-25 air-break technology has been widely used. However, there are still some problems in the current development of BWV-12-630-25 air-break technology, which need to be further improved and perfected. It is hoped that the BWV-12-630-25 air-break technology can be more widely used in the future to meet people’s needs.

The status quo of air-break technology

  • Air-break technology, the full name of “space circuit breaker technology”, is an important power system protection measure. It uses the voltage, current, and power changes in the power system to cut off the current or power in the power system to disperse or prevent major accidents that endanger power safety in the power system.
  • Air-break technology has been widely used in power systems in various countries and regions. At present, my country is constantly exploring and applying this advanced technology.
  • The development of air-break technology has received extensive attention from people from all walks of life, but there are also some problems that need to be solved.
  • With the continuous advancement of my country’s power marketization process, my country will gradually improve and develop its power security capabilities to advanced countries.

The development trend of air-break technology

With the continuous development of the Internet, air-cutting technology has gradually attracted people’s attention. This technology can help users stay away from spam and advertisements, while keeping users’ personal information safe.

At present, air-interruption technology has developed into an important Internet technology. With the development of the Internet, this technology will receive more and more attention from people.

Introduction of space circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is an important element to protect the safety of the power system. It can disconnect the faulty circuit when the power system fails, avoiding power leakage and unnecessary personal injury. Common circuit breakers include cut-off switches, isolation switches, and space circuit breakers.

The cut-off switch is the most common switch to cut off the current in the power line, it is connected to the generator or the power source, when a fault occurs, the cut-off switch will cut off the current immediately. The isolating switch is a switch that cuts off current in a controlled loop, and it is connected to multiple power sources or generators. When a fault occurs, the isolating switch will cut off the corresponding power sources or generators respectively.

A space circuit breaker is a special isolation switch that can correspond to different power supply directions through two independent circuits. When a fault occurs in one circuit, all electrical equipment on that circuit will stop working without affecting the other circuit.

There are many types of circuit breakers, such as mechanical circuit breakers, electrical circuit breakers, DC circuit breakers, high voltage switch circuit breakers, isolating switch circuit breakers, protection switch circuit breakers, etc.

Mechanical circuit breakers are the most commonly used type, which cut off the current mechanically. Mechanical circuit breakers are mainly divided into three categories: lead gate circuit breakers, guide plate circuit breakers, and gate circuit breakers.

The lead gate circuit breaker cuts off the current through the lead plate. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, long life and fast response time, but it cannot withstand great impact. The guide plate circuit breaker cuts off the current through the guide plate. Its advantage is that it can withstand a large impact force, but the cutting speed is slow and the life is short. The gate type circuit breaker cuts off the current through the gate. Its advantages are fast cutting speed and fast response time, but it cannot withstand great impact.

Different from the AC type, the DC circuit breaker can only withstand DC current, so it can only be used in the DC power supply system. Different from the DC type, the high-voltage switch circuit breaker can withstand AC current, so it is also used in the AC power supply system. The isolating switch circuit breaker is different from the DC type, it can isolate the unqualified return-to-zero signal of the AC power supply and transmit the signal repeatedly. The protective switch exists as a separate equipment or integrated in other protective equipment.


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