Letter of commitment for overseas after-sales service


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Letter of commitment for overseas after-sales service

In order to truly realize the purpose of serving users, being responsible for users and satisfying users, the company’s product quality and service commitment is as follows:

1. The warranty period of the equipment is 24 months from the date of delivery.

2. Guarantee the product “three guarantees policy”,Guaranteed repair, replacement and return, the product in the “three guarantees period” is strictly perform the compensation liability stipulated in the contract.

3. For products exceeding the “three guarantees” period, we guarantee to provide maintenance accessories and perform maintenance services according to user needs.

4. The spare parts and easily damaged parts of the product are provided with factory discount.

After received a request to solve the problems,we will make a response within 12 hours, if need to the scene to solve, our company will send technical service personnel within 24 hours or sales company, special agencies, local repair service personnel, on-site service, and do the quality problem is not solved, Service personnel do not evacuate.In case of overseas after-sales service, our company will actively cooperate, and the domestic part shall be borne by our company, while the foreign part shall be borne by the customer (including but not limited to visa, accommodation, travel expenses, staff salary, and after-sales service staff salary is USD70 per person per day).

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