Operating conditions of nxring series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit

Nxring series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit has simple, elegant and compact appearance. Integration of power distribution automation system, self-powered microcomputer protection. The standard 200A circuit breaker outlet scheme, 21kA breaking capacity, meets the application of conventional distribution transformers. Anti-internal arc design, high-strength fastening of cover and door panels, high protection level, good environmental adaptability, reliable use in high temperature and dusty environments in the Middle East, modular protection device, easy installation and simple maintenance. Adopt environmental protection material switch, circuit breaker insulation bracket, high strength, high production efficiency, integrated design of switch operating mechanism. The cable connection is flexible, and different types of cables can be easily connected, and it is equipped with a complete insulating sheath to ensure safety. Independent compartment cable withstand voltage test window, no need to open the cable compartment cover, remove the cable plug for cable withstand voltage test. Nxring series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit is easy to operate, with simple and clear signs, complete safety padlocks and mechanical interlocks to completely prevent misuse, programmed operation and active mechanical interlocks to completely avoid the possibility of accidents.


Compact design up to 17.5 kV, power frequency withstand voltage 38kV (isolation fracture 45kV), lightning impulse withstand voltage 95kV (isolation fracture 110kV);

Has passed KEMA full type test;

Internal arc fault level IAC AFLR 21kA/1s;

Switch unit sealed in SF6 inflatable stainless steel air box;

Nxring series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit has a high level of operational safety and reliability;

Recessed cable test compartment for easy and safe cable testing without removing cable connections;

High-quality gas box welding, the annual leakage rate is less than 0.1%;

Maintenance-free unit with a service life of more than 30 years;

Intelligent interlocking and padlocking system, which maximizes the safety of operators;

Different combinations of feeders with disconnectors and vacuum circuit breakers;

Compatible with SCADA system for remote control and monitoring;

Electric options for circuit breakers and switches to realize remote control of switches;

High resistance to pollution and moisture;


Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature range from -25°C to 55°C;

Altitude range (0-1000 m);

The maximum relative humidity reaches 100%;


Operators can perform cable tests without entering the cable room. The SFA-RM unit provides a safe method of cable testing from the easily accessible cable testing chamber on the front panel. After opening the cover, the operator can perform cable tests simply through the plug-in connector. The cable test cover is safety interlocked and cannot be opened unless the load is disconnected and the switch is reliably grounded.

The following types of cable terminations are provided in the SFA-RM unit. The nxring series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit does not only use standard cable accessories. Air-insulated cables are also available. They can also be used safely and economically by wrapping them in insulating sleeves. , easy to disassemble and maintain.

The internal arc fault level IAC AFLR 21kA/1s protects the safety of operators from the front, side and rear, and passes the severe type test.


Regarding SF6 gas, according to European Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 Council of Parliament and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), the approved treatment procedures include;

On-site collection of SF6 using industrial waste treatment equipment

Partner companies use approved facilities to heat SF6 to above 1,000°C (at these temperatures, SF6 begins to break down into reactive fragments that form SO2 and HF with suitable chemicals, mainly hydrogen and oxygen.)

HF and SO2 removal by hydroxide solution

Neutralizes acids and forms solid sulfates and fluorides

SF6 gas can therefore be destroyed with a removal efficiency greater than 99%

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