Precautions for the use of electrical equipment

The main danger of using electrical equipment team is the occurrence of electric shock and electrical injuries. The so-called electric shock, that is, when the current through the whole body can make the victim, only make the body local injury is called electric injury. The most dangerous is the electric shock.

The damage caused by electric current is: burns the human body, destroys the body’s tissues, causes electrolysis of blood and other organic substances and stimulates the nervous system.

The degree of harm caused by electric current to the human body is related to such factors as the strength of the current passing through the body, the duration of action and the condition of the body itself. It has been proved that the current through the human body in 0.05 amps or more to occur when the danger, 0.1 amps or more elbow can make people die. The longer the time of electrocution, the greater the degree of danger. If the electric shock current at 0.015 amps, people are not easy to get out of the electric Yuan.

The human body has a certain resistance, especially a total of skin resistance is larger. In each of the original contact surface resistance of about 1000 a 180000 ohms between. In the skin when wet resistance will be significantly reduced. If the resistance is smaller, the greater the current passed at a certain voltage, the greater the danger. Generally speaking, when the voltage is below 45 volts, the current through the body is safe. Therefore, the safety voltage (such as safety lamps) should be below 45 volts.

The main causes of electric shock accidents are.
(1) working on damaged equipment (such as motors, wires, electrical switches, etc.);
(2) contact with a live tree wire or worn out wire;
(3) no grounding device or poor grounding device;
(4) lack of necessary protective gear.

Safe use of electrical equipment in addition to the strict implementation of safety and technical rules, should pay attention to the following basic safety knowledge.
(1) the outside of the wire insulation such as damage, do not use, must be good insulation package;
(2) often check whether the ground device of each electrical equipment is disconnected;
(3) push, pull the action of the electrical switch to quickly, the face should flash not and should wear the necessary protection with long
(4) check the motor shell temperature, should be used for back contact with the shell, not with the palm of your hand, so as not to be electrically sucked out of the;
(5) unfamiliar with electrical equipment can not move or repair without permission (6) clean electrical equipment shall not be swollen with water or wipe with a wet cloth.

Source:Electrician basic knowledge network

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