JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer

JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer

JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer adopts single-phase and double-winding casted by epoxy resin and is designed to measure electronic energy and relay protection in electronic system at 50Hz current.

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Product Description

product description :                                                                                                                                                                                         

JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer are designed for metering and protection applications. This product has the characteristics of high efficiency and large capacity, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
The primary and secondary coils are wound using special winding and shielding techniques for improved voltage stress distribution.Each coil is carefully insulated with mylar film to provide a high dielectric medium between layers. The completed winding structure and double-loop cores are assembled to a support frame.                                                                                                                                            weixintupian20220906154400 1663378020539 - JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer                                                                                                                                                                                 

For insulation and protection, components are cast in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (HCEP) using automated vacuum pressure. HCEP materials provide superior arc trajectory, ozone and UV resistance while maintaining physical strength. The hydrophobic surface properties of HCEP ensure highly reliable performance in wet, humid or contaminated environments.
Can be used for 35KV distribution lines, coal mines, power plants, railways, factories… Strictly comply with IEC60044-2; IEC 61869-1,3; ANSI/IEEE C57.13.           


technical parameter :

The current transformers are in accordance with GB/T20840.1、3 and 1EC61869-1、3standards

Rated insulation level 12/42/75、7.2/32/60kV

Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

weixintupian 20220906154119 1662450213726 - JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer                                                                           

Note: If the required parameter is beyond the above range. it can be discussed and confirmed with us.


outline dimension drawing :                                                                                                                                                                            weixintupian 20220906154304 1662450320896 - JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer

Company Profile

Zhejiang Brwor Electric Co.. Ltd. was established in 2005, located in Yueqing city, Zhejiang province, China. There is 30 kilometers from Wenzhou airport. 

Brwor is specialized in medium Voltage Electrical Equipment, as like C-GIS switchgear, solid insulated ring network cabinet, vacuum circuit breaker, load switches, and others core unit of ring main unit related.

Browr covers an area of 11.565 square meters, with a building area of 11.000 square meters, which is domestic key research and development and manufacturing of high-tech middle voltage switchgear enterprise. The new plant with 33335 square meters will put into use in the ending of 2022. And we have installations of more than 270,000 C-GIS switchgear all over the world(since now main market China).

JDZ9-35Q voltage transformer


We make per key part of RUM in our factory and have strict QC process. The process of QC as follows:
Incoming inspection – inspection – process inspection – quality inspection – delivery inspection. There is inspection records for each accessory and contract product,easy inquiry.

Contact with us by email or whatsApp, and inform us the requirements. T/T is optimized, we aks for advance payment and balance should be paid off before shipping usually. L/C is available.

Min. order is 1 set.
RMU is custom made product, we will according to your requirements to make it. The technical question will referred.

Annual output 20,000 units.
we have installations of more than 270,000 C-GIS switchgear all over the world(since now main market China) since 2022 May.

Sea shipping usually. But parts also recommend air shipping in case of urgency.
There are Wenzhou or Ningbo or Shanghai port near our city and will arrange loading after order finish then.

The warranty period is 24 months. “three guarantees policy”,Guaranteed repair, replacement and return due to quality proble.Exceeding the guarantees period, we provide maintenance accessories with discount .After received a request ,we will make a response within 12 hours.In case of overseas after-sales service, we will borne the domestic charge, the foreign part shall be borne by customer (including but not limited to visa, accommodation, travel expenses, staff salary etc.)

The main products are 10/33KV RMU.
Now we have an area of 11.565 square meters plant,and the new plant with 33335 square meters will put into use in the ending of 2022.The number of employees is around 180.

The lead time is 10-25days usually.
We keep kep parts of semi-finished products of RMU in stock usually.


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