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Product quality commitment letter

1. ZHEJIANG BRWOR ELECTRIC CO., LTD. with the advance of science and technology as the RMB manufacturer forerunner, the new product development and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials on continuous innovation, market, increasing benefits, creating famous brand, everything everywhere will put quality first, with excellent quality to ensure product quality, to produce safe, reliable and high quality products. Our company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management standards established quality system specification to promote total quality management, so that the quality documents permeate into every field of production, sales, service, and become a conscious behavior.The company took the lead in the industry through the ISO14001 environmental system certification work, in the quality management system has been fully in line with the international standards, so that the enterprise embarked on a sustainable development of the road, the pursuit of first-class products and first-class management, continue to meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.Raise awareness of customer satisfaction throughout the company and reflect this awareness throughout the entire operation.

2.  The company guarantees that it is responsible for the quality of the parts and equipment purchased from outside, carries out strict incoming quality inspection during the procurement, and guarantees to provide the product quality certificate, instruction manual and inspection report and other relevant information.

3. Our company guarantee that the equipment  supplied is brand new, unused, is made and the best material with first-class workmanship, technology is advanced and mature reliable, conform to the stipulations of the bidding documents and technical agreement in each aspect of quality, specification and performance requirements, guarantee of the equipment supplied by properly installation and debugging, normal operation and maintenance, It has stable and reliable performance during its service life.

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